How Can I Buy TMiranda’s Pedals and Amps?
1) How can I buy TMiranda’s products?
A: You can buy directly from on the TMiranda website and use your Credit Card (Mercado Pago) or Bank Wire
2) How can I use my Credit Card to make a purchase?
A: After the price and product are agreed and the order is placed, we will create and send you a link for the payment.
The link will redirect you to the Credit Card company website, where the customer must type in all the info
3) Can I use my Credit Card to pay in monthly installments?
A: Yes, all products are for sale for up to 12 installments using your credit card. Interest apply.
4) How can I contact T. Miranda?
A: You can contact us at +55 (11) 984257735 or send us a message via WhatsApp on the same number. You can also
send an email to [email protected]
5) How can I buy via Bank Wire Transfer?
A: You should send us an email requesting information about the recipient acocunt and informing which product
you are buying and what is the shipping address.
6) How are the pedals shipped?
A: We usually ship them via Correios. All of our shipments are secured.