Guitar Tube Distortion GTD-1 - effect pedal


Guitar Tube Distortion GTD-1 – effect pedal

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A super powerful high gain tube distortion!

Now with 2 footswitches and 3 channels, turning your pedal on and changing its channels (clean/crunch/lead) was madeeven  easy with the GTD-1.

The clean channel has a pure, clear sound from the tube and can be used as a booster in your pedal set. The lead channel features a 100% tube distortion, incorporating a mighty and fatty sound.

This pedal has an all-tube circuit (no transistors), offering outstanding performance with its distortions. It has two switches: a crunch/lead and a standard/high, that lets you control the pedal’s volume output. When on standard mode, connect the pedal to your amp’s input; when on high mod, connect it to your amp’s power amp or return.

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1 review for Guitar Tube Distortion GTD-1 – effect pedal

  1. Sandro

    Eai galera como dono desse pedal quero dizer que é um monstro pedal de palco som maravilhoso muito versátil não sai do bord seja tocando em igrejas ou sons mas nervosos recomendo muito!

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