Fat Drive - Overdrive Guitar Effect


Fat Drive – Overdrive Guitar Effect


The main characteristics of this super overdrive pedal are, you guessed, a fat, rich sound and brown mids, reminiscent of the Marshall amps. This magical box will also award its owner with the possibility of changing its sound as they please, from overdrive to fuzz or preamp.

This overdrive guitar pedal’s amazing performance and versatility can be ensured by the number of guitarists who use it across the world and play a variety of genres. Among them are the renowned Frank Solari and Greg Howe.

Just like our Scream x3 and Hard Drive pedals, the Fat Drive also features two switches (drive/preamp & classic/fuzzy), making it an incredibly versatile device. The functions work collaboratively, generating 4 specific modes and distinct functions:

  • 1) switch 1 (classic) + switch 2 (drive) = Screamer tube on steroids.
  • 2) switch 1 (classic) + switch 2 (preamp) = Simulation of a preamp, which can be clean or crunch depending on how much gain is added. It serves as a boost in the set.
  • 3) switch 1 (fuzzy) + switch 2 (drive) = Overdrive + a Fuzz diode clipping.
  • 4) switch 1 (fuzzy) + switch 2 (preamp) = Fuzz face tones
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