Scream X3-super overdrive effect pedal


Scream X3-super overdrive effect pedal

(2 customer reviews)


The Scream X3 was named after is triple function, meaning it can act as a super overdrive, fuzz or clean preamp boost pedal, all of each function is independently activated via switch.

It uses the jrc4558d chip, allowing it to produce very detailed mids that will make your guitar pop out on the stage or in a mix without any additional effort (think of Joel Hoekstra from Whitesnake). An essential tool for Blues and Pop Rock guitarists or to simply push your amp.

Just like our Hard Drive pedals, the Scream X3 also features two switches (drive/preamp & classic/fuzzy), making it an incredibly versatile device. The functions work collaboratively, generating 4 specific modes and distinct functions:

  • 1) switch 1 (classic) + switch 2 (drive) = Tube screamer on steroids.
  • 2) switch 1 (classic) + switch 2 (preamp) = Simulation of a preamp, which can be clean or crunch depending on how much gain is added. It serves as a boost in the set.
  • 3) switch 1 (fuzzy) + switch 2 (drive) = Overdrive + a Fuzz diode clipping.
  • 4) switch 1 (fuzzy) + switch 2 (preamp) = Fuzz face tones
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2 reviews for Scream X3-super overdrive effect pedal

  1. Ricardo Lapoente

    Overdrive bastante versátil. Uso em conjunto com o amp rocket man e me da o sustain e ganhos necessários para solos e bases mais pesadas.

  2. Álvaro Assmar

    Este é o melhor overdrive que conheço! Uso há 15 anos e não consigo me ver usando outro! Para quem procuras texturas blues/rock! Recomendo!

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