What is Legal Warranty? What is the Warranty Period?
The Legal Warranty is the period that the costumer has to place a complaint about any problems that can be presented after the purchase of a product or hiring a service.
The right to place the complaint is guaranteed as long as the costumer holds a receipt or another proof of purchase.
Regarding the period, it is described in the 26 th article of the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code as it follows:
“The right to place a complaint for visible or easy to verify problems consist in:
I – Thirty (30) days for non-durable goods and services;
II – Ninety (90) days for durable goods and services.”
Visible or easy to verify problems are those that can be easily identified, such as spoiled foods, electronics that will not turn on or present some sort of malfuncion.
A product may also present a hidden problem, which only manifest themselves after an extended period of continued use of the product. Verified the hidden problem, the warranty period count starts and a complaint must be placed.
It is important to mention that, in some situations, a detailed technical report may be necessary in order to determine whether the problem derives from its manufacturing process.